The academic staff of the Institute consists of over sixty teachers : full professors, visiting and associate professors, academic and professional lecturers. Their titles and specialities are indicated in the list below.


Academic and Professional Members of the Staff

Fernando Acosta, Lecturer (economics, fiscal management)

Jean-Pierre Aubert, Associate Professor, General Inspector of Industry (local development)

Anne-Marie Autissier, Senior Lecturer, sociologist (sociology of culture, European cultural policies, cultural industries)

Mireille Azzoug, Senior Lecturer, cultural studies (English language, history of ideas, European civilization)

Sébastien Barles, Assistant Lecturer, law (gender studies)

Pierre Béhar, Professor at the University of the Saarland (German studies, Central and East European geopolitics)

Monika Bellan, Senior Lecturer (German language)

Jean-Marc Benammar, Associate lecturer, Director of Le Grand Large Export Ltd. (international management and development of firms)

Jean-Michel Bertrand, Professor at Ecole des Beaux Arts (communication strategies)

Annie Blasco, Lecturer, Director at Sources d'Europe (European institutions), professional Lecturer.

Isabelle Bongard, Associate lecturer, Director of art gallery (arts policies, project management)

Jean-Claude Boyer, Professor, geography (geopolitics, local development)

Luce Canals, (Spanish language)

Sabine Casanova, consultant (professional self-assessment)

Robert Cantarella, stage Director, ex-Director of the National Theatre of Toulouse (language of the body)

Danièle Chabbi, Lawyer (labour law)

Laurent Carroué, Professor, geography (geopolitics and local development)

Bernard Cassen, Professor, political science, holds a Jean Monnet lectureship in political science, general manager of Le Monde diplomatique (European integration, globalization)

Danièle Cassen, Lecturer, communication (audiovisual media in Europe)

Claude Chenain, Senior Lecturer, English studies (English civilization)

Jean-Pierre Clerc, ex Associate Professor, journalist (Spanish civilization, French and foreign press)

Jean-François Copé, Associate Professor, senior administrator at the Caisse des dépôts et consignations, Mayor of Meaux (local development, urban policies)

Pierre Cours-Salies, Professor at the University of Evry, political sociology (labour market and social policies)

Michel Cros, ex-Associate Professor, consultant (business management and communication)

Colette Davaze, consultant, President of INREP (professional self-evaluation)

Françoise Decroistte, Professor, Italian studies (Italian arts and culture)

Jean-Michel Djian, Editor of Le Monde de l'éducation, Associate Professor (arts management)

Jean Digne, Associate Professor, former Director of artistic cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, minister of Education adviser (arts managment)

Didier Doucet, consultant (corporate communication)

John Edwards, Professor, English studies (English language, cultural studies)

Annie Epelboin, Senior Lecturer, Slavonic studies (Russian literature)

Michel Fagard, Senior Lecturer, German studies (German language)

Richard Farnetti, Professor, cultural studies (European integration, British studies)

Jean-Louis Fournel, Professor, Italian studies (cultural studies and arts)

Claude Frioux, Professor, Slavonic studies (Russian civilization and geopolitics)

Philip Golub, Associate Professor, journalist (international relations : Europe, USA, Asia)

Sylvie Gonzalez, Director of the Museum of Saint-Denis (management of museums)

Jacques-Pierre Gougeon, French Cultural adviser in Berlin, Professor at the University of Franche-Comté, German studies (German politics and history)

Luc Gruzon, General Director of the Agency for the Development of Intercultural Relations (cultural administration)

Serge Halimi, ex-Associate Professor, journalist at Le Monde diploma-tique,(international relations : Europe, USA, Asia)

Daniel Hoareau, High School teacher, economics (Accounting)

Gérard Kebabdjian, Professor, economics (Mediterranean economic policies)

Rachid Krim, Senior Lecturer, economics (geoeconomy, economic policies)

Bernard Lafite, Senior Lecturer, Slavonic studies (Russian culture)

Louis-François Larnaud, arts administrator (local cultural policies)

Marc Le Glatin, Associate Professor, Director of the Théâtre régional de Chelles (arts management and cultural policies)

Pierre Léglise-Costa, art critic (arts)

André de Margerie, Delegate for cultural development at La Sept (audiovisual policies)

Jean-François Marguerin, senior civil administrator, Theatre Division, Ministry of Culture (arts management)

Bernard Maris, Professor, economics (international finance, European integration)

Philippe Mellet, Senior Lecturer, English studies (English language)

Khelifa Messamah, Senior Lecturer, economics (geoeconomy)

André Mondy, administrator of the Théâtre national de Chaillot (arts management and accountancy)

Marianne Morange,Assistant Lecturer, geography (cooperation with Africa)

Jacques Nikonoff, Associate Professor, Senior manager at the Caisse des dépôts et consignations, political economy (finance, globalization)

Guy Paris, Associate Lecturer, lawyer (national and international trade law)

Guy Pélachaud, Senior Lecturer, communication (information technologies)

Jean-Yves Potel, Director at the DATAR (Central and East European countries)

Suelena Reynoso, teacher (Spanish language)

André Ringeval, consultant (fiscal strategies : worksop)

Dominique Rivolier, psychologist (skill assessment, career managment)

Anne-Cécile Robert, Journalist at Le Monde diplomatique (European integration)

Ludovic Royer, Assistant lecturer, Slavonic studies (Russian culture)

Fred Schrader, Professor, German studies (German civilization)

Louisa Serée de Roch, lawyer, law (law of culture)

Irène Sokologorsky, Professor, Slavonic studies (Russian culture)

Elodie-Anne Télémaque, lawyer, law (law of culture)

Sylviane Toporkoff, Senior Lecturer, economics (French economy, marketing, business culture)

Roger Tropéano, President of Association des maires pour la culture (cultural management of cities)

Patricio Tupper, Senior Lecturer, communication (media studies)

Claude-Marie Vadrot, Deputy-Editor of le Journal du Dimanche, President of Association des journalistes pour la nature et l'écologie (ecology, management of natural habitats and sites)

Jacques Vuillod, consultant (international trade)

Ercolina Zabarino, teacher (Italian language)

Renaud Zuppinger, Professor, cultural studies (European culture, semiotics)


Former Visiting and Associate Professors


From 1991 to 2000, the Institute has hosted the following visiting Professors (the title indicated is the one they held at the time of appointment).

1991-1993 : José Vidal-Beneyto, former Director of the Education, Culture and Sport Division at the Council of Europe, senior adviser at UNESCO (semiotics)

1991-1993 : Hervé Sérieyx, Deputy-President of the European Leadership Institute (management)

1992-1993 : Jacques Chérèque, former minister (local developement)

1992-1993 : André-Yves Portnoff, editor of Science et technologie (planning)

1991-1993 : ÝIvan Djuric, Professor at the University of Belgrade (history)

1993-1994 : ÝMarx Wartofsky, distinguished Professor at Baruch College, City University of New York ( philosophy)

1992-1995 : Muhamedin Kullashi, Professor at the University of Pristina, Kosovo (philosophy)

1994-1995 : Jack Kligerman, Professor at the City University of New York (culture)

1993-1996 : Catherine Tasca, former Minister, President of Canal Horizons (audiovisual policies)

1995-1996 : Walter Blanco, Professor at the City University of New York (literature)

1993-1997 : ÝBernard Piniau, former Deputy-Director of La Maison des écrivains (cultural policies and arts management)

1993-1997 : Claude Evin, former Minister, member of the Conseil économique et social (European institutions and social policies)

1994-1997 : Michel Hervé, engineer, President of the Association nationale pour la création d'entreprises, former European MP, Mayor of Parthenay (firm management, local and regional development)

1994-1997 : ÝPierre Guidoni, former President of the Institut du monde arabe, former French ambassador (history of Europe, European policies)

1995-1997 : Paul-Marie Coûteaux, senior civil administrator, (European integration, European countries' foreing policies)

1996-1997 : Raymond Weber, Director of the Education, Culture and Sport Division at the Council of Europe (cultural policies)

1995-1998 : Colette Davaze, consultant, President of the Institut de recherche en évolution professionnelle (manpower management).

1996-1999 : Pierre Larrouturou, consultant, President of the Association pour la semaine de 4 jours (human resource management)

1996-1999 : Hélène Mathieu, General Inspector of National Education (arts management and cultural policies)

1997-2000 : Michel Cros, Associate Professor, Director at Voltaire (management)

1999-2000 : Peter Carravetta, Visiting Professor (Professor at Queen's College, City University of New York) (cultural studies)